Two whirlwind days

The last two days have gone by so quickly. Room checks are done for another night and I am recapping the last 48 hours. Today being the highlight day thus far with Westminster Abbey Tour, Laban contemporary dance workshop and Billy Elliot the musical. Yesterday, we saw Thriller -live which was okay, but the tour of the Globe theatre was stellar. A little bit of shopping in between makes for a great day. Tomorrow Jazz class at Pineapple!


3 thoughts on “Two whirlwind days

  1. deborah says:

    Thanks for the updates!
    Carry on having a luv-er-lee time!

  2. brat2u says:

    Sounds Awsome.!!!.. Hope not too many blisters yet!!… Did you get a chance To go to Primark for shopping?… Have Fun, snows finally melting here.

    • sconadance says:

      Found Primark but was the only one-Kayla and a lot of the girls fell in love with TopShop! Glad the snow is melting. Dance has been awesome 🙂

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