Last full day in NYC

The trip has gone so quickly and oh how I wish we had more time in this glorious city. Today was dance/radio city day. We started the day at Broadway Dance Centre with Jacob who taught a Broadway Jazz master class. Is choreo was so ridiculously fun and he was a great instructor. The group then split into either a Radio City tour or two more dance classes. I guess you can figure out where I stayed. 5 Scona peeps and I took a hip hop class with Robert Taylor Jr. ( Of SYTYCD fame) and then I went on to Jazz Funk while our students took intermediate Jumps and Leaps, Jazz or Zumba class. I was proud that a lot of them started the afternoon with ballet class too! The afternoon closed with the 5:00 show Fuerza Bruta which was quite the experience for our young artists. Then to the top of the Empire State Building in the rain. Tomorrow Rockette class, vocal class, SoHo shopping and then the airport. See you in Edmonton at 11:17 PM.


One thought on “Last full day in NYC

  1. Thanks for the updates! It sounds like all of you had the most amazing time with great teachers, students and experiences! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Love you, Elexis!

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