Pathways: Cityscapes

Yes, it is September! And a new year is upon us! We are thrilled to welcome everyone back to the 2014-2015 dance season!!!

BUT, before we do, I want to throwback and take a moment to relive the memories from last year and celebrate our incredible Pathways: Cityscapes show.

IMG_9628First off, let’s take a moment to appreciate our amazing MC’s Daniel and Matt. Matt even donned a flirtatious outfit to introduce our fabulous dancers. That’s dedication! IMG_9627 IMG_0020Our dance 15’s were brilliant in pieces like Money, Darkness, The City and the show stopping Revolution! IMG_1480The show was filled with heart wrenching pieces full of emotion.IMG_1276Philadelphia – Dance 25/35

IMG_1304London – Dance 25/35IMG_0232Pillars of Salt choreographed by SmithIMG_0074And pieces that were literally inspired by a city’s soaring height like New Heights…IMG_9381We had incredible soloists and expertly choreographed alumni pieces.IMG_9964Here is Robby in Let’s Go, choreographed by Vic & Ana! A big congrats to Robby for winning this year’s Edmonton Public Schools’ Dance Award too!! IMG_9919Georgia’s New York Solo!IMG_0189The beautiful Miya Kreider dancing en pointe.IMG_0177Elena in Jessamyn’s contemporary number.

And where there was deep meaningful dances, there were fun, entertaining ones too…The Man’s Dance will always be a memorable one! Choreographed by Jordan Mah, this musical theatre number stole the show…and not only because Alex lost his pants…IMG_9740


IMG_9745 IMG_9744

We had such a blast and all our energy came out onstage during finale! What an incredible company we have!IMG_1539 IMG_1523 IMG_1509

A big thank you to all the student and alumni choreographers. It was an incredible show!IMG_1557

Stay tuned for more on our 2014 year and upcoming news for this year’s show…Pathways: Identity

~ Hoyle






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