Pathways: Identity

I know it has been forever since I have posted to the site but I wanted to share, over the next few days, the incredible year we have had here at Scona Dance Co. To start us off, let’s take a look at our amazing Pathways show…Identity!

IMG_1433Bob and Piper opened the show as our MC’s this year! And it was the first time we saw dancers doing double duty as MC’s. They did an outstanding job!! IMG_6575Piper then rushed backstage to perform in our show opener – On the Town. It was the perfect way to transition from last year’s theme which was Cityscapes into this year’s and this dance was all about how your identity changes when you enter a great, big, new city!

IMG_1452From there, our show dived into numbers that spanned many genres, stories and emotions…IMG_1473 IMG_1477 IMG_1515 IMG_6125 IMG_6641 IMG_6825

Another amazing piece by dynamic duo Vic Modine and Anastasia Rozhdestvensky, Smooth Criminal! Nice Russian Kirkland!!

IMG_1571 IMG_6994 IMG_7042

Here is Dance 25/35 Block 1 in ‘Bright Lights,’ a piece about the many identities we find in Grand Central station.

IMG_1542 IMG_1549 IMG_5861 IMG_6943

Kelsea Peters won the Choreography award for her dance IMPRESSions.

IMG_1488 IMG_1501 IMG_6734

No one could stop talking about this duet, choreographed by Georgia Evans-King! It’s Oh So Quiet…

IMG_1624 IMG_7120 IMG_7128 IMG_7130 IMG_8065 IMG_8068

I could post literally EVERY photo from this duo, because they were performing head to toe and making such clear choices. It was a joy to watch this story of love!

And, of course, Act 1 ended with the show stopping Man Dance, choreographed by Michael Sulyma. It was the perfect piece to showcase the male identity in dance.IMG_6057 IMG_6062 IMG_7222

Act 2 opened with ‘The Wall’ a contemporary number that examined the dividing lines that can affect who we are and where we ‘belong.’

IMG_6069 IMG_6097

For the first time in years, we had a solely tap numbers choreographed by Vic!


Teresa Williams’ piece Triune broke our hearts every time we watched it. Incredibly smart choreography with intricate pathways, beautiful lines and unique movement.

IMG_1769 IMG_5048 IMG_5056

Leslie Sobchyshyn returned yet again with another intense contemporary piece ‘Out of the Pack,’ challenging her dedicated dancers.

IMG_1770 IMG_1780 IMG_6228 IMG_8196

Dance 15 performed a spoken word about identity in High School, which was inspired by the novel ‘The Perks of being a Wallflower’


IMG_7580 IMG_8239

And to finish off the show, we took our audience on a journey from Heaven into Purgatory and then Hell…combining all three Dance 25/35 classes. It was an epic performance!!

IMG_1808 IMG_6315 IMG_6352 IMG_7610 IMG_8262 IMG_8266

IMG_1815 IMG_5412 IMG_6381 IMG_6392 IMG_7696 IMG_8395

IMG_5439 IMG_5450 IMG_6414 IMG_6450 IMG_6480 IMG_7725 IMG_8423

And of course…FINALE!

IMG_5519 IMG_5525 IMG_5600 IMG_5615 IMG_6523 IMG_7794 IMG_8484

A big thank you to Uwe Welz for the incredible photos…this is only a tiny slice of all the images he captured.


And of course, a huge thank you to all our amazing Scona Dance Co. members…what a ride!





Pathways: Cityscapes

Yes, it is September! And a new year is upon us! We are thrilled to welcome everyone back to the 2014-2015 dance season!!!

BUT, before we do, I want to throwback and take a moment to relive the memories from last year and celebrate our incredible Pathways: Cityscapes show.

IMG_9628First off, let’s take a moment to appreciate our amazing MC’s Daniel and Matt. Matt even donned a flirtatious outfit to introduce our fabulous dancers. That’s dedication! IMG_9627 IMG_0020Our dance 15’s were brilliant in pieces like Money, Darkness, The City and the show stopping Revolution! IMG_1480The show was filled with heart wrenching pieces full of emotion.IMG_1276Philadelphia – Dance 25/35

IMG_1304London – Dance 25/35IMG_0232Pillars of Salt choreographed by SmithIMG_0074And pieces that were literally inspired by a city’s soaring height like New Heights…IMG_9381We had incredible soloists and expertly choreographed alumni pieces.IMG_9964Here is Robby in Let’s Go, choreographed by Vic & Ana! A big congrats to Robby for winning this year’s Edmonton Public Schools’ Dance Award too!! IMG_9919Georgia’s New York Solo!IMG_0189The beautiful Miya Kreider dancing en pointe.IMG_0177Elena in Jessamyn’s contemporary number.

And where there was deep meaningful dances, there were fun, entertaining ones too…The Man’s Dance will always be a memorable one! Choreographed by Jordan Mah, this musical theatre number stole the show…and not only because Alex lost his pants…IMG_9740


IMG_9745 IMG_9744

We had such a blast and all our energy came out onstage during finale! What an incredible company we have!IMG_1539 IMG_1523 IMG_1509

A big thank you to all the student and alumni choreographers. It was an incredible show!IMG_1557

Stay tuned for more on our 2014 year and upcoming news for this year’s show…Pathways: Identity

~ Hoyle





Never Stop Moving

Another amazing day here in London!

We got to experience the Laban School of Dance today. What an incredible tour and workshop. This building alone is magnificent, let alone the teachers, dancers and creative work that goes on inside. Today was very busy at the school because auditions for Got to Dance were taking place as well.

Our class was a wonderful experience and such a different style than our others. We worked in Cunningham based modern technique with Rebecca, a very gifted dancer and teacher.

Then we experience Once! Wow!! I think it’s safe to say that we all really enjoyed this musical. I know I did!

Here are some dance pics! More pics and video to follow!



At Pineapple



Pineapple Dance Day!


What an amazing day we had today!

We started off with an amazing tour of the London Coliseum thanks to Mr. Sulyma. What a treat! Our host had been working with the Coliseum for…43 years! So you can imagine what a wealth of knowledge he had to share with us.



Then we danced! Pineapple workshops were with the incredible Alex and we started with a Billy Elliot class. It was upbeat broadway – lots of energy and fun. Stamina was definitely needed to get through this combo.

After lunch we headed back for a contemporary class. Scona Dance Co. worked so hard and we were all really proud! A lot of them also took time to purchase some dance wear at this famous studio store 🙂 I will post photos and video soon I promise!

The night finished with a stellar performance of Phantom. This cast was brilliant…some of the best singing we have ever heard. It was magical.

Tomorrow more dance with the Laban school. Then a surprise show was added to the itinerary…Once. To say we are excited is an understatement.


Blue Skies in London!

Day 2 in London was absolutely beautiful – no foggy town today!

We had a very exciting day that started off with a bus tour of the city. Seeing St. Paul’s Cathedral was a highlight for many people and we even saw Lord Nelson’s tomb. Blog-Collage-1396393819176

Then, after crossing a few bridges and seeing amazing views of the city, we made a stop at Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard. It’s quite the spectacle, complete with marching bands to lead the guards back to the barracks. For anyone wondering, the Queen was not in residence today.Blog-Collage-1396393840462

We took a group photo at the Canada gate!IMG_7214

After walking through the gardens, we spent some time at the Tower of London. The crown jewels were massive and opulent, as you’d expect! And the torture tower was spooky…IMG_7211

Dinner was delicious fish and chips in a Medieval restaurant, which was a very fun atmosphere! And then we capped the night off with Billy Elliot, a fantastic show!

Tomorrow the dancing begins!!